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St Martin Close Kooyong 


The art of achieving harmony in unity of proportions in a building is finding the perfect balance between shapes, forms and facets which transform into light.

2 St Martin 01.jpg

A request from a professional couple for a unique design on a very challenging site.  Subject site is irregular in shape located at the end of a court with a steep fall to the back. Introduction of splits in multilevel of the building was the strategy implemented to appropriately deal with the change in levels. The building is enclosed by a dynamic organic form which responds to its environment. 



We named the house, Tsubo house, because it incorporates quite a unique internal garden.

Zeno Entity was given a brief to create something that was a little beyond a standard family home.


With the brief to design a family home we needed to consider the comfort of the family in this residence. Parents need to have their own privacy. Kids need to have their own spaces they can retreat to and be comfortable. But also, we need to create impressive spaces for entertainment. 


We took it upon ourselves to create our own challenge in that within the suburban setting, we create a home that makes a statement from the outside, in a neo deco style of architecture which is an amalgamation of curves, straight lines, a juxtaposition of different architectural vocabularies that comes together as a whole.


Orrong Road Toorak Apartments

Spacious Luxury Apartments development in Toorak with a penthouse on the upper level accessing a roof garden terrace. 

The brief was to create a 3 level building with a maximum height limit of 12m on a challenging site which was subject to flooding. Ground level had to be elevated to appropriately respond to possible flooding. We are excited to announce that this creation is coming to life currently to house the lifestyle of its proud owners.  

700 Orong Rd.jpg


defined by understated glamour


“A process out of the ordinary”

Marketing plans and artist expression prepared for an existing site prior to Auction. Owner made a smart decision to expose the potential of his site to the prospective buyers in order to optimize on the sale price. 


117 Yarrabat av Avant option_03_bronze.jpg

Home at Somers Avenue Malvern 


A house to a young family with two children, creation of sequential volumes in rhythmic manner in Malvern. Floor to ceiling windows allow abundance of northern natural light through the living spaces.  Raw natural stone external cladding or perhaps a smooth textured concrete render finish for the budget conscious. 

Main entrance door finish in rustic powder coated bronze opening to a double spaced entrance lobby decorated with glamorous feature lighting. 

48 Somers.jpg


10 tourello.jpg


Tourello Av Hawthorne East

A curated collection of classic architecture in neo-deco style is not for the faint hearted. Those who wish they could live in The Great Gatsby era but still love the deco geometric forms and patterns. 

Zeno Entity Neo-Art Deco design a translation of a subtle and timeless design from Decoratifs which was characterized by bold geometry in subtle colors and linear details. 

This mega home with 5 bed room and 4 ensuits including boutique walk-in robes with duel living and dining zones is to house a young entertaining family with swimming pool, alfresco area, games room, media room and 8 car basement car parking including a car wash bay.


Construction is to commence with Zeno Entity in control of delicate design detaining and fine tuning of fixtures and fitting and finishes.   

9 Victoria Avenue.jpg


Victoria Av Canterbury

Classicism reimagined in one of the most elegant streets and prestigious suburbs of Melbourne. 


Single mega home creation by Zeno Entity Architects comprising of exclusive finishes and elegantly minimal pallet to internally/externally dress this Neo-deco style of architecture. 


Contemporary Neo-Tuscan


Buildings are a representation of the social values of the time they were created, it’s the architects’ responsibility to recreate a new style unique to its character or a re-translation of the old, true to its current values and its era. 

Zeno Entity was approached by a family of downsizer to create a unique building with a Tuscan character but yet contemporary design. Subject site is located in the heart of Canterbury, one of the most prestigious suburbs of Melbourne in a street escape of great historical architectural styles of Tuscan, Georgian and Edwardian homes.

The challenge was to create a style which fits in the existing streetscape and is supported by council.

With construction cost in mind, the external façade was designed with custom built molding details finished with smooth textured finish Tuscano render.

The series of archers forming a colonnade at the front entrance point create a visual interest with rhythmic formation of light and shade which can be viewed from the street and internal living areas at ground level. 

Another mega home by Zeno Entity to be established on the subject site late 2022.    

14 Stanley.jpg


117 Yarrabat av _Classic option 05_bronze (1).jpg
2 Bonview 2.jpg


Malvern Townhouse Development

Set of three large Prestige town houses, three level with their own individual identity and presentation to the street.

Externally finished with slim line brick work at ground level with brick arches and herringbone timber finish entrance doors with custom design brass door handles. 

Successful project obtaining a permit from council in less than ten months. Currently through documentation stage detailing delicate design elements and marketing plans and renders for pre-sale.    

23 knutsford.jpg


Knutsford Street Balwyn

Neo- Georgian Architecture is the term used to describe any buildings that dates from Georgian Architecture era 1840s, a classical approach to design a unique architecture for the community who appreciate the design detailing and masculine characters of the Georgian Architecture but delicately transformed to a timeless architecture picking up on the current modern trends and peoples lifestyles.

The external classical look is matched with a modern classic internal finishes, dressed with walnut color herring born natural timber floors set in natural stone borders.

Timber veneer joinery with bronze handles and leather pools carry through the house from kitchen and all vet areas to walk in robes with bronze tinted mirrors and window frames. 

Tuxen Street North Balwyn

10 Tuxen.jpg
2 Bonview 3.jpg


Malvern Apartments

Five luxury apartment development including a penthouse designed by Zeno Entity Architects characterized by Neo-Deco and Neo-Tuscan style of architecture. 

5 myrtle 2.jpg


Myrtle Road Canterbury

Elegant Neo-deco aspirated side by side townhouse design by Zeno Entity Architects on a tight frontage. Complying with council regulation to design a façade presenting as one building to the street scape was a success and a permit was obtained. 


Tuscan smooth aged render finish façade with large bronze finish aluminum window and bronze tinted glass panels create a unique modern style of architecture in current trend yet timeless. 

1766 Malvern Road.jpg

1766-1768 Malvern Road Malvern

Zeno Entity Architects were engaged on a project with a three town house permit in place, client wanted to push the boundaries by redesigning the project in order to obtain a permit for four town house. The challenge was accepted and project redesigned. 


Permit for four larger townhouses from the original permit was obtained within a year, hence increasing the project feasibility.  

Client decided to offload the project with profit including plans and permit to a new purchaser, Zeno Entity currently completing documentations, design detailing and internal design for construction.  


A space that is true to itself and not deliberately created to serve a purpose, it is an interstitial space.



Mowbray Street Hawthorn

Deco-rated by Zeno Entity in style two side by side town houses with individual privacy and spacious open living floor plates, spectacular transition of living spaces to outdoor garden area, by-fold doors from a luxury streamline kitchen and convenient access the alfresco area. 


Permit Obtained and finalized documentation ready for construction 2021.  

10 Mowbray.jpg
Yarrabat Ave 04.jpg


To design dwellings on corner sites, one needs to look for opportunity to maintain a sense of pride with the façade presentation.  Whilst maintaining continuity of form between the separate dwellings it is vital to ensure synergy of design components on each separate façade.  


To design mega homes, one needs to look for opportunity to maintain a sense of pride with the façade presentation.  

Whilst maintaining continuity of form the dwelling desires to seat proud in the streetscape ensuring synergy of design components on a wide façade.  

26 Howard St.jpg


Canopy delicately detailed at the entrance point. 

26 Howard St 2.jpg


Westbourne Grove, Campberwell

The advantage of engaging Zeno Entity in your future projects is their versatility in design solutions particularly when challenged by irregular sites comprising of numerous constrains. 

The subject site was in a heritage overlay area where exiting building characters and styles had to be considered in the two-unit proposal to council. 

Pitched roof character had to be implemented in the design in order to obtain council support. At the same token the building to look modern and timeless in order to obtain maximum sale price in the real estate market. 


Planning permit was obtained for the client within 10 months approximately and the site was sold with planning permit. 

Remaining documentation works completed by Zeno Entity for the new purchaser and the building is currently under construction. 

8A Westbourne Grove (edit).jpg
97 mathoura rd.jpg


Mathura Rd Toorak

Most exciting and influential design styles of the 20th century was implemented to create this Neo-Deco design by Zeno Entity Architects to house nine luxury Apartment development in Toorak.  

Perfect combination and fusion of masculine Neo-deco style of detailing on the columns and balcony upstands with delicacy of Piet Mondrian patterns characterizes on the large window and handrails. 

Finished in neutral colors of sandstone Toscano Roman render and bronze steel fabrications on windows and custom made lights.    



Artium Apartments, Smith Street Fitzroy

Simplicity in linear form and uncluttered style with no frills, it’s a unique style that steps back from trends that are too “now” to avoid quickly dating.

Designed by Zeno Entity Architects, Artium apartments comprise of 11 large apartments and 3 pent houses, 3 level basement parking and commercial space at ground level. Currently under construction with completion date estimated at 2022.    

229 Smith Street.jpg

Howard House

A timeless Neo-Deco signature architectural design style by Zeno Entity Architects. Boasting a monumental façade and incorporating simplicity in linear form and uncluttered elegant styling is what makes these residences truly exceptional. 


Created by Zeno Entity Architects a handsome symmetry and regularity of detail styled for now and forever.

At home in well-established suburbs close to the city, these side by side single level town houses with basement parking and entertainment areas deliver a sense of substance and understated grandeur. The colour palette today is much softer and the overall presentation is gentler and far more approachable.

38 Howard street.jpg


2 Davis st 2.jpg


Davis Avenue Camberwell

Stitched checkered natural stone finish façade cladding, accompanied with satin black fabricated steel cladding with horizontal grooves create a modern style of architecture designed by Zeno Entity Architects.

Two significant townhouses on a corner block with immaculate modern interiors and entertainment areas were completed and sold for a record price. 



Cloverdale Avenue Toorak

Compact and stylish home designed by Zeno entity Architects caters for the inner city life style of living and entertainment. 

This superb home is internally designed with raw concrete finish kitchen island bench and metal cladded joinery and splash back. Mosaic tile works in bathrooms with elegant tap wear and vanity units. 

A fine example of a high standard home well-crafted and detailed for construction.    

10 Cloverdale.jpg


Bruce Street Toorak

Architecturally distinguished and refined by Zeno Entity Architects, seven luxurious apartments with cutting edge style of living infused with neo-deco style of interiors, it strikes a perfect balance between historic splendour and stylish modern design. 

6 Bruce street.jpg


Britten Street Glen Iris

Well balanced design comes through once the distribution of architectural components and forms are positioned delicately in order to attract the eye. 

People are created to operate in balance. This is accomplished by adjusting your weight and position constantly to keep your form. Architectural balance can be achieved through symmetry. You can create a mirror image along the central axis.  

12 Britten.jpg
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